Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Alleged Leaks Hit Internet

A wave of new supposed leaks for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have hit the internet. Earlier today, a ton of blurry new images reportedly from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet found their way on Twitter and other social media sites. While the images are unconfirmed, their art style and several other details make them appear to be more likely to be real than some of the other fake leaks that have appeared online. Most notably, six gym leaders appear in the leaks, as does a handful of new Pokemon. One of the Pokemon appears to be a floating flower with a literal skull and crossbones floating on top. Another Pokemon (the one with the crystalline parts) is apparently a new Legendary Pokemon. You can check out the admittedly poor quality images down below: 

The infamous Chinese riddler Khu has been sharing information about supposed gym leaders in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in recent weeks, which could either help or hurt the validity of the leaks. The images seem somewhat consistent with Khu's reports, although the three Pokemon appear to be entirely new and were not mentioned by Khu at all. 

Additionally, a new alleged leak of a regional Girafarig also appeared online. The Girafarig is shaped more like a traditional giraffe with a long neck, but with its head enclosed in a flap that resembles its secondary head. This could be related to Khu's "regional fake" riddle, which he teased out several weeks ago. You can check out the supposed Girafarig down below. 

Based on the timing of all the leaks, it seems likely that the newest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer is coming soon. While The Pokemon Company keeps its leaks to a minimum, information from trailers tend to leak out shortly before they're officially released. While The Pokemon Company likes to make new information announcements at the top of the month, the 4th of July and recent real world events may have stalled the release of that trailer for a few weeks. 

Let us know if you think these leaks are real or fake in the comment section below!