Pokemon YouTuber Shares Hilarious Dynamax Counter

A popular Pokemon YouTuber has shared a hilarious way to counter a Dynamax Pokemon. Wolfe Glick is a competitive Pokemon player and a former Pokemon Video Game World Champion who also publishes videos on YouTube about the nuances of competitive play. Glick's videos have spiked in popularity due to the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, and tons of fans have had a chance to see his ingenuity in action as he explores a new Pokemon game. Earlier this week, Glick released a new video that showed an amazing way to counter a Dynamax Pokemon in a doubles battle.

Glick's method involves correctly guessing when a Pokemon will Dynamax and then forcing it to switch out using an Eject Button, an item that causes a Pokemon to automatically swap out when it's damaged by an attack. In the video, Glick correctly predicts that his opponent's Excadrill will Dynamax on the next turn. Glick has his Grimmsnarl (which has the Prankster ability) use Trick, a move that swaps items between two Pokemon, to place the Eject Button onto the Dynamax Excadrill. Glick's other Pokemon, a Sylveon, then uses Quick Attack on the Dynamax Excadrill, forcing it to return to its trainer. Since Dynamaxing ends when a Pokemon switches out, Glick's strategy effectively wastes his opponent's Dyanamax during the battle.

The combo works for a few reasons - Grimmsnarl gains priority on any non-damaging move thanks to its Prankster ability, and Sylveon's Quick Attack also gains priority, but goes after Grimmsnarl because its speed is lower than Grimmsnarl. You can also use Sableye in the combo if it has the Prankster hidden ability.


The method is a bit trollish and also incredibly effective, but it requires a bit of guesswork. While you can use the Prankster Grimmsnarl Trick/Sylveon - Quick Attack combo against just about any Pokemon that doesn't use a Priority move, it's not nearly as effective if the target doesn't Dynamax on their turn. You can check out Glick's full video here.

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