Galarian Ponyta Will Be Exclusive to Pokemon Shield

Pokemon fans face a tough choice when it comes to picking out their next Pokemon game. Earlier today, a leak from the Japanese magazine Famitsu confirmed that the Galarian version of Ponyta, which was officially revealed over the weekend, would be exclusive to Pokemon Shield. That means that players will need to choose between Sirfetch'd, the Fighting-type evolution of Farfetch'd that's exclusive to Pokemon Sword and Shield, or the adorable Ponyta variant with a glowing mane. The new Ponyta seems to draw some inspiration from a unicorn, with a small horn on its head and a mane and tail that sparkles and glows when it nuzzles a friend. You can see some new images of the Pokemon below, courtesy of the Pokemon news site Serebii.

The Famitsu leak revealed several other new pieces of information about the Galarian Ponyta, including that it has a new abiliy called Pastel Veil. Pastel Veil prevents Ponyta or its allies from being poisoned and heals ally Pokemon of poison automatically when they switch into battle. This is another useful new move that should make Galarian Ponyta (and presumably its evolution Galarian Rapidash) relevant to competitive play.

While several images of Galarian Ponyta appear in the leaked page from Famitsu, the image quality makes it unclear whether the new Pokemon is a Psychic-type Pokemon or a Fairy-type Pokemon. The livestream in which Galarian Ponyta appeared suggested that it is a Fairy-type Pokemon, as the forest where the Ponyta were found was filled with Psychic-type Pokemon.

With just over a month left until Pokemon Sword and Shield is released, we still don't know a ton about the Pokemon appearing in the region. Less than 30 new Pokemon species have been revealed, although several more have been teased in various trailers. The Pokemon Company seems content on slowly revealing the new Pokemon in innovative ways, such as the 24 hour livestream in which Galarian Ponyta first appeared.


Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released on November 15th.