Pokemon Releases Adorable New Music Video Featuring Yamper

Since its introduction in Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch, Yamper has made its way into the hearts of many fans. The beloved Electric-type doggo is the star of a brand-new music video that just released on the Pokemon Kids TV YouTube channel. A collaboration with TOKIOHEIDI, the video is about a boy sleeping past his alarm. His pet Yamper is on-hand to wake him up, but not without a bit of effort. Yamper tries to wake its owner multiple ways, before finally resorting to an electric attack. The video can be found at the top of this page.

A clip of the video was shared on Twitter via the official Pokemon Japan account, alongside information about the collaboration. The Tweet can be found embedded below.

Yamper's initial attempts to wake its owner range from adorable, to pretty gross! The pup tries jumping on the bed, rubbing its butt on the boy's face, and even dragging him out of bed. Unfortunately, the electric attack Yamper finally uses does considerable damage to the house, and the owner is forced to patch things up at the end of the video. It seems like he'll think twice before sleeping in next time!

The video is really charming. In the span of just a few minutes, we get a great sense of the relationship between the Pokemon and its owner. There's clearly a lot of love between Yamper and this boy, even if the Pokemon finds itself frustrated by its owner's sleeping habits. It's nice to get a video that focuses on Pokemon just acting like traditional pets sometimes. The visuals tie the whole thing together in a really fun way, and the song is incredibly catchy! For fans of Yamper, this one is a must-see.

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