New Pokemon Game Announced

A Chinese development studio is working on a new Pokemon game. Earlier today, the Chinese game developer Tencent announced it was working with the Pokemon Company on a new game, with the company's TiMi Studio Group in charge of development. Tencent is the largest gaming company in the world, and TiMi Studio Group is responsible for some of the company's biggest hits, including Arena of Valor and the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile. No further information was provided about the game's potential platform or a release timeline, but it's likely the new project is a mobile game.

The Tencent announcement is notable for a few reasons. For one, it marks the latest effort by the Pokemon Company to tap into the Chinese market. The Pokemon Company has made some major headway in China in recent years, adding Chinese language options to the game and working with Chinese mega-company Alibaba to distribute official Pokemon merchandise instead of counterfeit goods. In addition, Tencent occasionally releases games exclusively for the Chinese market, so there's a chance that this game will never make it over to the United States or Europe. Tencent didn't distribute its hit game Arena of Valor internationally for years after its release despite achieving immense popularity in China and generating billions of dollars in income.

The Pokemon Company has made a major push into mobile games this year as a secondary pillar of its business. While it still releases "core" Pokemon games like the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield, it has also released a variety of mobile games including Pokemon Go, Pokemon Rumble Rush and Pokemon Quest. The Pokemon Company is also working with Japanese game developer DeNA to release Pokemon Masters, which could be another major mobile game released later this year.

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