New Details About Lycanroc Revealed For 'Pokemon Ultra Sun' And 'Ultra Moon'

Another Alolan Pokemon is getting a new Z-Move. A leak of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro revealed that Lycanroc will have its own exclusive Z-Move called Radial Edge in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

While Radial Edge's effects aren't known yet, the magazine revealed that Lycanroc will need to know the move Stone Edge in order to use Radial Edge, so we're guessing it will be an offensive attack instead of a buff move of some kind. The name of the attack also implies that it could target multiple Pokemon, which could make it very useful in competitive play.

Lycanroc is the second Alolan Pokemon to get a new Z-Move in the new Pokemon games. Kommo-o also got a new Z-Move called Clangorous Scales, which buffs Kommo-o's moves and targets multiple Pokemon.

The magazine also revealed new details about Lycanroc's Dusk Form, a new type of Lycanroc exclusive to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. In order to evolve Rockruff into Lycanroc's Dusk Form, Rockruff will need to have the Own Tempo ability -- which players can currently only get via a special distribution timed with the release of the new Pokemon games -- and evolve Rockruff between the hours of 5:00 PM and 5:59 PM when it reaches Level 25. That's not a very big window, so players will need to time their evolutions accordingly.

Lycanroc's Dusk Form is a combination of Lycanroc's Midday and Midnight forms. While Dusk stands on all four paws like a Midday Form Lycanroc, it has shaggy fur like a Midnight Form. The Dusk Form also can learn Accelrock and Counter, moves that were previously exclusive to Lycanroc's other forms.


We're expecting more news about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon later today as part of the Nintendo Direct presentation.