Pokemon Unite Is Available Now for Free on Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Unite is now available as a free-to-download title on the Nintendo Switch. The new [...]

Pokemon Unite is now available as a free-to-download title on the Nintendo Switch. The new MOBA-style game is now available on Nintendo eShop store, and players can jump right into matches as soon as they complete a brief tutorial. The game's servers went online at 7:00 UTC, so some players have already dived into the game and claimed a top spot in the rankings. As Pokemon Unite has a relatively modest file size of 928 MB, it shouldn't take long for players to download the game and start playing. Nintendo also released a new launch trailer, which can be viewed above.

Pokemon Unite involves players battling in 5v5 matches, with each player controlling a single Pokemon. Players collect Aeos Energy by defeating either the wild Pokemon that appear on the map or by defeating opponents, and they score points by depositing that energy into their opponent's goals. Scoring goals leaves a player briefly vulnerable to attack and getting knocked out before they score will cause a player to lose most of their energy to their opponent. Each goal has a base amount of energy that can be deposited before it's destroyed, so you'll have to delve deeper into enemy territory as the game progresses. Additionally, rare and Legendary Pokemon will occasionally appear on the map and will give the team that defeats it a temporary buff.

Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play game, although the game comes with plenty of micro-transactions. Although all of the game's roster can be technically obtained for free, players will have to grind for Aeos coins (obtained by completing matches) to unlock the Unite Licenses needed to officially add these Pokemon to the game. Alternatively, players can choose to spend real-world money on Gems that can be used to unlock just about any item in the game.

We'll have a full breakdown of Pokemon Unite later this week, but be sure to download the game on your Nintendo Switch now. Players who log into the game before August 31st will receive Zeraora as a free Pokemon. Mobile versions of Pokemon Unite will be released later this year.