Pokemon Unite Gameplay Details Revealed

Pokemon Unite has provided a detailed overview about the game's 5v5 battles. The Pokemon Company [...]

Pokemon Unite has provided a detailed overview about the game's 5v5 battles. The Pokemon Company has released a new trailer and a bevy of details about Pokemon Unite, the upcoming MOBA-style game developed by TiMi Studios. The game will take place on Aeos Island, a new region of the Pokemon world. Pokemon Unite centers around Unite Battles, a new style of Pokemon battle where trainers face off in a competition to score points for their team using Aeos Energy, a new kind of energy that causes Pokemon to mysteriously evolve and de-evolve.

The rules of a Unite Battle are simple. Players need to have a higher score than their opponent before Unite Battle's timer runs out. Players score points by gathering Aeos energy from defeated Pokemon. These Pokemon can be either wild Pokemon or opposing Pokemon. Players then deposit that energy in their opponent's goal zone to score points. There are different stadiums with different rules, as well as different modes of play featuring different numbers of team members, different match lengths, and even which Legendary Pokemon appear during the game. Over the course of the game, players earn Exp. Points to evolve their Pokemon and learn new moves, culminating in their Pokemon learning a Unite Move, a kind of ultimate move that can change the tide of a match.

Different Pokemon have different roles and stats in the game. While there are no type differences in Pokemon Unite, Pokemon are categorized into one of give different categories - Attacker, Defender, Speedster, Supporter, or All-Rounder. Each type of Pokemon has a different play style. Pokemon can be unlocked using a Unite license, which can be purchased in the game using Aeos coins earned during Unite Battles. Players can also use Aeos gems (a premium currency that costs real world money to purchase) to unlock Pokemon or fashion items. Players can also purchase cosmetic costumes for their Pokemon or trainer character using either free Aeos coins or paid Aeos gems.

Pokemon Unite will have a ranking system that determines what sort of level match you can compete in. All players will start off at the Beginner Cup and will strive to compete in Master Cup matches. There will also be a global ranking board visible to all players.

Pokemon Unite will be released in July on the Nintendo Switch and in September on mobile devices. The game is free-to-play and supports cross-platform play.