Pokemon YouTuber Destroys Rare Charizard Card During Stream

Pokemon cards have seen a massive surge in interest over the last few months, and that has been especially true for the new series, Shining Fates. One of the most sought after cards in the set is a Shiny Charizard VMAX, and streamer Daithi De Nogla was actually able to locate one during a recent stream! Unfortunately, Nogla found the card during a segment in which he was purposely bending packs of the cards in exchange for $50. Nogla bends the pack pretty good before opening it, then creases it again before looking through the cards. However, a few cards in, he realizes his mistake!

Video of the moment can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Nogla participated in the stream with fellow YouTuber Tyler "I AM WILDCAT" Wine. After a viewer paid $50 to see a pack destroyed, Nogla allowed WILDCAT to choose between one of three different packs. The YouTuber selected one with Corviknight on the front, and Nogla's frustration can be seen just seconds later. Following the event, #Noglascharizard" began trending on Twitter, as fans reacted to the stream.

While Shining Fates just released last month, the Shiny Charizard card already goes for $400-600 on the secondary market. Graded versions can also be found for significantly higher amounts. Nogla received a lot of negativity on social media over the stream, with some questioning why he would destroy the packs in the first place. After all, Shining Fates cards have been very hard to come by, and The Pokemon Company is currently working to make them more available. While the stunt has clearly attracted viewers, it can be a little disheartening for fans currently searching for the cards.


A few days later, Nogla was able to secure another Charizard VMAX card, and was careful not to bend this one! While the YouTuber was quite happy with the find, it's worth noting he did not find the Shiny version of the Pokemon the second time. It's still a good card, but not worth nearly the same as the Shiny version!

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