Portal's GLaDOS Sings Another Science-Driven Song, This Time For NASA

(Photo: Bohitargep on DeviantArt)

Now that we (sort of) have a new Portal game with the mobile counterpart, that is actually pretty fun by the way, it's time to celebrate the Portal series in a new way: through song. OK, so no it isn't a Portal musical (we can dream!) but it is the next best thing because the voice behind the vindictive A.I has another cool job: NASA.

GLaDOS, AKA Ellen McLain, voiced the NASA Official Talking General Leisure And Diversion Operational Server and this A.I. also has a suspicious inclination towards domination ... But, back to the less terrifying aspects of this story - the cool part is the song itself when singing about the electromagnetic spectrum:

According to the video's official description:

Are microwaves really just a form of light? What exactly is the electromagnetic spectrum? A science-mad A.I. system (voiced by GLaDOS actress Ellen McLain) uses song to explain this to a computer technician (Ed Wasser). With Casey McKinnon & Mike Romo.

NASA's Universe of Learning materials are based upon work supported by NASA under award number NNX16AC65A to the Space Telescope Science Institute, working in partnership with the Chandra X-ray Center, Caltech/IPAC, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Exoplanet Exploration Program, and Sonoma State University.


That's not the only video that was clever in the name of silence. The video above is actually a sequel to the video below in what was appropriately titled "NOTGLaDOS" - which is exactly what they want you to think ... *suspicion intensifies*.

Definitely NOTGLaDOS aside, both videos do a great job at finding entertaining ways to be educational. The best part? You can actually go get cake after watching them.