PlayStation Fans Disappointed After Another PS4 Game Gets Cancelled

Another PS4 game has been canceled, leaving PlayStation fans disappointed. Today, developer Monkey Moon and Black Muffin announced that Night Call is no longer coming to PS4, becoming the second canceled PS4 game this month following Upper's cancellation a couple of weeks ago. According to the aforementioned pair, the game's PS4 port cancellation comes down to a simple lack of funds.

Over on Twitter, the game's official Twitter account revealed Night Call hasn't sold very well on other platforms. Coupling this, there have been issues with porting the game, resulting in the developer simply not being able to afford the PS4 port.

"Dear Playstation players, we're super sorry to announce that the PS4 version of Night Call is officially canceled," writes the game's official Twitter account. "Given that the game didn't sell quite well on other platforms plus issues we encountered with our porting partners we won't be able to deliver Night Call on PS4. Please note that we're probably as disappointed as you are. But we just can't afford it."

As you would expect, many PlayStation fans are disappointed to hear the news. Night Call debuted last year and is currently available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and mobile devices. Suffice to say, some PlayStation fans have been anticipating the game for over a year, but alas, the wait was for nothing.


For those that don't know: Night Call is a simulation meets choose-your-own-adventure game where you play as a cab driver in Paris working the night shift with the skill of getting people to open up, which you will need to tap into to catch the serial killer who left your for dead.

While Night Call isn't coming to PS4, there's still plenty of games to play on the console, including 234 games currently on sale via the PlayStation Store's new Halloween Sale.