New PS4 Game Leaked Ahead of Official Reveal

A new PS4 game has leaked ahead of its official reveal. The leak doesn't come way of PlayStation or any official party involved with the game's release, but rather the Pan European Game Rating board, also known as PEGI, the organization that rates games for release in Europe. More specifically, PEGI has revealed that Exit the Gungeon is coming to PS4, though this is all it reveals. There's no word of when it's coming to the PlayStation console. All the rating board notes is that the game has been submitted for release on the PS4 in Europe by Devolver Digital, the publisher of the title.

At the moment of publishing, neither Devolver Digital or PlayStation have commented on this latest leak, and it's unlikely either party will. That said, if the game is already being submitted for rating, then it's safe to assume it's coming to the console sooner rather than later. In fact, Devolver Digital may even be holding it for a stealth release.

As for the game itself, Exit the Gungeon is a spin-off from Enter the Gungeon, a critically-acclaimed and best-selling bullet hell roguelike that released back in 2016. Exit the Gungeon debuted last year via Apple Arcade, and has since come to Nintendo Switch and PC. Unfortunately for Devolver Digital, the follow-up didn't land as well with critics and appears to be selling considerably less as well.

According to Devolver Digital, Dodge Roll, and Singlecore, Exit the Gungeon is a small, arcade-style dungeon-climber that follows the immediate events of the aforementioned predecessor as the Gungeoneers attempt to survive a series of increasingly dangerous elevators and a seemingly endless wave of enemies trying to thwart their survival attempt.

"The Gungeon has become a paradox and is collapsing! Blessed by the magic of the Sorceress, your gun will change rapidly as you ascend the Gungeon," adds an official blurb about the game. "The better you play, and the higher your combo, the more powerful the form your gun will take. Battle against the last and most bitter of the Gundead at a frantic pace, slowing down just long enough to chat with some familiar faces… and a few new ones. Shifting rooms, enemies, bosses, bizarre weapons and items all combine to ensure that no two attempts to Exit the Gungeon are the same."


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