PS4 Game Unexpectedly Cancelled Two Weeks Before Release

An upcoming game PS4 has been unexpectedly cancelled two weeks before its release. So far this year, many great games have come to the current PlayStation console ahead of the PS5, including Ghost of Tsushima, DOOM Eternal, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, The Last of Us Part II, Crash Bandicoot 4, Mafia Remake, Spelunky 2, and Pistol Whip. However, one game not coming to PS4 this year will be Uppers from XSEED Games, which when first announced, was announced for both PC and PS4.

This week, XSEED Games announced that Uppers will release worldwide on October 21 via the PC and via Steam at the price of $30. At the moment of the announcement, there was no word of the game's PS4 version, and this wasn't down to a mistake, but because this version has been canned, or at least it's no longer coming to North America and Europe.

Uppers first debuted on the scene back in 2016, but only via the PlayStation Vita and in Japan. However, following considerable demand, XSEED Games announced it was bringing the title west via the PS4 and PC. This was back in 2018. Now, two years later, it's coming to western markets, but only via the PC.

What's strange about this sudden cancellation is XSEED Games doesn't offer any explanation. It's confirmed the PS4 version has been scrapped, but the publisher hasn't said why, leaving fans with nothing but speculation.

That said, while the game won't be coming to PS4 later this month, it's still releasing via the PC. For those that don't know: the game is a beat-em-up brawler that follows the story of Ranma and Michiru.


"Last Resort Island is a city consumed by desire -- for those that live on the island, the greatest amusement is violence," reads an official pitch of the game. "A single person’s strength alone can build a great fortune, and earn the admiration of the populace. With strength, motivation, and fire in their eyes, two young men, Ranma and Michiru, arrive at Last Resort Island to begin their quest, their sights aimed for the top -- but they aren’t the only ones on Last Resort Island with lofty ambitions."

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