Custom PS5 Mod Lets You See Inside the Console

While PlayStation owners wait for Sony to offer customizable options for the PlayStation 5, people [...]

While PlayStation owners wait for Sony to offer customizable options for the PlayStation 5, people have taken it upon themselves to create mods and other personalizations. Much of those mods have dealt with the consoles' faceplates seeing how they can easily be popped off, a feature which many assume will lead to unique faceplates being sold in the future. One of the newest mods that takes advantage of this feature comes from Studio FR where the faceplates are altered to give us a view inside the newly lit up console.

The video from Studio FR, a channel that focuses on restoring and modding gaming consoles, can be seen below to see how the PlayStation 5 was picked apart before being outfitted with a see-through faceplate. It starts by showing the process from the beginning when the console is disassembled before the faceplate was cut open with a Dremel tool, a sight which might be a bit anxiety-inducing if you'd never dream of touching your PlayStation 5 in that way considering how rare they still are.

After some painting and engraving is done along with some custom colors added thanks to some RGB light strips and a Bluetooth controller, we get to see the final product around six minutes into the video. The cut up faceplate is outfitted with a plexiglass cover to give the console that see-through look at what's going on inside with the lights able to be controlled remotely to change up the console's appearance. The creator said they'd have controller customizations to share at a later date.

The console sure looks impressive, but when the video was shared within the PlayStation 5 subreddit, some had concerns about the longevity of the modded console. They argued that the console's fan setup was compromised because of the new airflow created by the modded cover and that this PlayStation 5 console wouldn't cool itself as effectively as one that hadn't been touched. It seems like there's some logic to those comments, so keep things like that in mind in case you get the urge to start taking apart your console and modding it yourself.

As mentioned previously, Sony will likely sell custom PlayStation 5 consoles – or at least custom faceplates – in the future. Some retailers selling custom faceplates already had to cancel their sales at the demand of Sony closer to the time that the console launched.