PS5 Launch Title Is Finally Releasing on Xbox

A notable PlayStation 5 game that launched alongside the console in 2020 is finally heading to Xbox platforms very soon. That game in question happens to be Godfall, which is the action RPG from Counterplay Games and Gearbox. And while the arrival of Godfall on Xbox is something that has been rumored for well over a year at this point, the game has also now been confirmed to be coming to other platforms on PC as well. 

Counterplay Games announced today that the Ultimate Edition of Godfall will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S next month on April 7. "Godfall: Ultimate Edition includes the core Godfall experience, the game-changing PrimalLightbringer, and Exalted updatesFire & Darkness expansion, and the previously exclusive Ascended Edition and pre-order bonuses," Counterplay said of this version of the game. Typically, Godfall: Ultimate Edition will retail for $39.99 on these platforms, although a special price of $29.99 will be made available when it first arrives next month. 

While Godfall's release on Xbox opens up the game to a whole new audience, it also happens to be coming to a new avenue on PC, too. Since releasing in late 2020, Godfall has been a title that has been exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC. However, this exclusivity will finally be coming to an end as Godfall will also be arriving on Valve's Steam marketplace early next month. 

"Godfall: Ultimate Edition is the pinnacle of the epic high fantasy adventure we set out to make when developing our ambitious next-gen RPG," said Counterplay's game director Daniel Nordlander in a new statement today. "Ultimate Edition not only opens the realms of Aperion to Xbox and Steam players, but also contains the recently announced Exalted Update, our latest and largest addition to the game. The combination of several major fan-driven changes and new platform availability truly makes this the absolute best time for anyone to join the fight against Macros."

Are you going to try Godfall out for yourself now that it's finally coming to Xbox and Steam platforms? Or have you already played this game on PS5 or PS4? Let me know for yourself either down in the comments or you can message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.