PlayStation 5: Best Look Yet Reveals How Huge the Console Is

In case you missed it, the PlayStation 5 is officially set to launch here in the United States on November 12th and November 19th globally for $499 and $399, respectively. While we have seen official images of the console before, the physical console itself hasn't been seen much outside of that, but a new set of photos changes all of that and provides the best look yet at the PS5. While it's looked big in every official reveal, the new photos show off just how huge it really is.

The new photos, which you can check out below, cover a wide variety of angles and various odds and ends for the PlayStation 5 like the unattached vertical base and cables. While some have attributed the new photos to the United States' Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it would appear that they more specifically come out of a filing made with Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC).

If you just want the official source on the photos themselves, they are available as part of this PDF hosted on the NCC website. The rest of the reports are interesting, of course, but the fact that they aren't in English might be a hindrance for some. Even with the close-up angles on the photos, it is immediately clear just how chunky the PS5 really is. It'll be interesting to see once the Xbox Series X and PS5 are actually put right next to each other in the near future.

The PlayStation 5 is set to release on November 12th in the United States and November 19th globally, with the version containing a disc drive running $499 while the all-digital console will cost $399. Pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 are... live-ish, now. You can check out all of our previous coverage of PlayStation here.

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