New PS5 Wii U-Style Controller Potentially Leaked

According to a new patent, Sony is working on a new controller, presumably for PS5 or a future PlayStation console, that has a touch interface that is customizable and a "button cluster" that can be rotated and swapped around. If this sounds familiar, it's because it sounds like a controller that would be equal bits of Nintendo Wii U and the Xbox adaptive controller

"A controller device includes a controller body with an interface port and least one control information output port," reads an except of the patent. "A modular input control is removably attachable to the controller body. The modular input control includes an interface connector region that is configured to communicatively couple the modular input control to the interface port. The modular input control is configured to be freely rotatable when attached to the controller body and operable in any orientation about the axis of rotation."

Unfortunately, the patent is full of technical jargon so it's difficult to decipher and of course it's quite possible nothing will ever come of this patent. In fact, many patents never graduate from the conceptual stage into actual products or consumer technology. And of course, it's possible this patent has nothing to do with PlayStation or the PS5, but that seems unlikely given the description above and the images below. 


As always, we will be sure to keep you in the loop when and if Sony provides any type of comment on this patent and the speculation it has created. That said, don't expect this to happen as Sony never comments on patents. 

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H/T, Zuby Tech.