PS5 SSD Is "The Biggest Leap in My Career," Says Developer

This week, Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed the PS5's full specs. And while some PlayStation users weren't very receptive to the reveal, many developers took to social media to express their delight with what Sony revealed. Meanwhile, others took to the Internet to tease what hasn't been revealed. For example, one developer made the claim that the console is "one of the most revolutionary consoles ever designed." Included in the wave of developers was Kurt Margenau, the co-game director of The Last of Us Part II. According to Margenau, the PS5's SSD represents the "biggest" technical leap he has seen in his career.

"Still tripping about this PS5 SSD spec," said Margenau. "Like, people don’t even know how big of a leap in terms of game design can be made, especially for 1st party that doesn’t have to design to lowest common denominator. By far the biggest leap in my career. Can’t wait."

Of course, Margenau's praise of the console should be taken with the grain of salt given that he's employed by PlayStation. However, he isn't the only one heaping praise on the system's advanced SSD. Former technical art director at Naughty Dog, Andrew Maximov, also chimed in:


It remains to be seen just how much of a game changer the PS5's SSD will be, but right now it sounds like it's going to be the big difference between it and the PS4.

The PlayStation 5 is set to release sometime this holiday season. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word on a price point, but we do have a growing list of confirmed games you can check out via the link below:

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