New PS5 Rumor Teases Big Unannounced Launch Game, God of War 2

A new PS5 rumor has surfaced online teasing a big and unannounced PlayStation 5 launch game, as well as a new God of War game. According to the rumor, the former will mark the return of a big franchise synonymous with PlayStation, and it will be revealed very soon alongside a sequel to 2018's God of War.

The rumor comes way of YouTube Moore's Laws is Dead, who claims Sony is planning on running a new State of Play sometime in August, and during this State of Play, it will reveal new PS5 games. As you may know, some of these details aren't that new. We've been hearing from a variety of reputable sources that Sony currently has a few more PS5 game reveals in the chamber. Further, we've also heard that it's planning on hosting a new State of Play in August.

What is new information is that one of these games will bring back a big PlayStation franchise from the dead. It's also alleged that Mark Cerny is involved. As a result, many PlayStation fans are speculating this mystery game could be a new Jak and Daxter given Cerny's development history. However, others are suggesting it could be the return of Killzone or Resistance for the same reason.

Adding to all of this, the rumor also notes that God of War 2 -- or whatever it winds up being called -- will be revealed during the same State of Play. It continues by alleging it will release in late 2021.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. None of this is official information, and even if it's all correct, it's also subject to change.


At the moment of publishing, Sony has not commented on the rumor, and it's unlikely it will. Rarely does it comment on rumors, reports, leaks, or anything of the unofficial, speculative variety.

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