24K Gold PS5 Console and Controller Revealed

A 24K gold PS5 console and DualSense controller has been revealed for PlayStation gamers who have no clue what to do with their surplus of money. When the PS5 launches later this year, the expectations is it will be somewhere between $400 and $600. That's a lot of money, especially in the current economy. But for some, this is chump change. If you're one of these people, then you may be interested in upgrading from the standard model to a 24K gold version of the console, its controller, and its headset.

Today, Truly Exquisite revealed its new luxury PS5 collection, which includes the PS5 console, controller, and official headset in 24K gold, and with platinum and 18K rose gold finishes.

"The long-awaited and much anticipated Sony Playstation 5 just got even better," said Truly Exquisite in a statement that accompanied the announcement. " Truly Exquisite is proud to announce that we bring to you yet another release first...this time it will be in the form of the brand new Sony PS5...available to buy in luxury 24K Gold, Platinum and also 18K Rose Gold finishes. We can not wait to start custom making these true beauties."

At the moment of publishing, Truly Exquisite has announced zero additional information. In other words, it's unclear how much these products are going to cost, but it's safe to assume they won't be cheap. What the company does note is that it will have more information on pre-orders and distribution soon. Further, in the promotional video below, it suggests the console will be out by December 2020.

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December 2020 👀

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