PlayStation Patent Causes PS5 Pro to Trend on Twitter

Did Sony Interactive Entertainment announce the PS5 Pro? No, but you may think it did if you saw it trending on Twitter today. That said, PS5 Pro was trending on Twitter, not because of an official announcement or even a rumor or leak, but because of a PlayStation patent from months ago. The patent -- which was filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2019 and published back in July -- is just that, a patent. In other words, not indicative of anything that exists beyond the conceptual stage. However, its implications, particularly pertaining to a possible PS5 Pro, has PlayStation fans once again talking about it.

The patent, titled "Scalable Game Console CPU/GPU Design for Home Console and Cloud Gaming" describes a hypothetical console that doesn't have one GPU or one CPU, but two GPUs and CPUs. How it works is basically the console divides up the tasks and requirements across two GPUs and CPUs, which has obvious development benefits. To achieve this, the console taps into the power of the cloud.

"In a multi-GPU simulation environment, frame buffer management may be implemented by multiple GPUs rendering respective frames of video, or by rendering respective portions of each frame of video," reads the official abstract of the patent. "One of the GPUs controls HDMI frame output by virtue of receiving frame information from the other GPU(s) and reading out complete frames through a physically connected HDMI output port. Or, the outputs of the GPUs can be multiplexed together."

For now, it's impossible to know if anything will come of this patent, let alone whether or not it will be utilized by a hypothetical PS5 Pro. A company like Sony files for patents all the time, many of which never graduate from concept into product.


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