PS5, Xbox Series X Scalpers Have 1000 Pre-Orders Cancelled by Retailer

One retailer in the UK is canceling 1,000 next-gen console orders from a scalper group after it came to their attention. Very is a storefront across the pond that came to discover this situation and put a stop to it. SkyNews reported on their story and CrepChiefNotify is the party involved. The group has a bunch of paid members trying to get a hold of as many consoles as possible after launch. Bot software has become a normal part of gaming after the tech’s rise in the sneakerhead subculture. Basically securing bots allows you more bites at the apple with a greater chance of success due to the inherent speed of machines. The group has managed to get a staggering 3,5000 consoles to resell so far this year and it looks like they won’t be stopping anytime soon. SkyNews’ report had comments from Very about the loophole that allowed this all to go down.

“As a result of a technical error, some people were able to place orders for PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles for a short time on Sunday,” they explained. “However, these items are not on sale and affected customers have received notice that the orders have been canceled. We apologize for the confusion caused.”

CrepCheifNotify has also put out a statement as of last week defending the actions. Also, they argue that a lot of the people in their group have been victims of various furloughs and other misfortune due to the pandemic.

“Lots of our community have been furloughed, made redundant, or at some form of disadvantage due the pandemic,” the group wrote. “These people have managed to cover their bills, put food on the table and supply Christmas presents to their children. It may be unfortunate that a child won’t wake up to a PS5 this Christmas, but another child may have woken up to nothing. We have no regrets.⁠”

PlayStation just wants everyone to remain calm because they’re trying to meet demand.


"We want to thank gamers everywhere for making the PS5 launch our biggest console launch ever,” a statement from PlayStation read last week. "Demand for PS5 is unprecedented, so we wanted to confirm that more PS5 inventory will be coming to retailers before the end of the year - please stay in touch with your local retailers."

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