New Red PS5 Controller Costs Extra

Earlier this week, PlayStation announced that it would be releasing two new PlayStation 5 [...]

Earlier this week, PlayStation announced that it would be releasing two new PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers in different color schemes. The announcement was one that was met with joy and excitement from a number of fans who have been asking for different color options outside of the black and white standard controller that has been around since the PS5 launched last year. And while both of these new controllers are available to pre-order right now, it seems that, for one reason or another, each won't be retailing for the same price.

Yes, for some strange reason, there is a price difference between the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black PS5 DualSense controllers that are slated to release in the near future. The Midnight Black controller, which as you can tell by its name is entirely shrouded in black, comes in at a retail price of $69.99. This is actually the same price that the standard white and black model of the DualSense that you can find on store shelves right now.

Comparatively, the Cosmic Red model then retails for a full five dollars more at a value of $74.99. So why exactly is this the case? Does the Cosmic Red DualSense have something that the Midnight Black model doesn't? Well, no, they're each the same controller when it comes down to the internals. The reason for the price difference, however, is actually something that we have seen from Sony for years at this point.

Whether or not you happened to never notice--or maybe you just forgot--Sony has been charging more for controllers in this manner for quite some time now. During the PlayStation 4's lifespan, the publisher would again ask customers to pay $5 more for any controllers that it seemed to deem a "premium." So basically, anything outside of the standard black and white controller models have always been more expensive and that seems to be something that Sony is carrying over here in the PS5 era.

Despite the slight increase in price, what do you think about this Cosmic Red DualSense controller? Are you planning to pick one up for yourself? If so, you can expect to find one at a store near you beginning next month on June 11, which just so happens to be the same day Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart will release.