Psychonauts 2 Receives New Quality of Life Update

Developer Double Fine Productions has released an all-new update for Psychonauts 2 that adds a number of quality of life features. In fact, Double Fine has specifically called this the "Quality of Life Patch" for the game given how many new upgrades it adds to improve Psychonauts 2 in ways that fans have been asking for. 

In a general sense, many of the new updates that have been added to Psychonauts 2 with this patch aid those who may be looking to clean up some final objectives that might be lingering. Specifically, a new feature has now been added to the game that allows players to better locate a number of collectibles that are scattered around each world. So if you've been having trouble reaching 100% completion in every level, this new feature should surely make that pursuit vastly easier. 

Double Fine has also added a number of small new features to Psychonauts 2 that will better help players track their own progress within each stage. Rather than having to search from top to bottom in a level to find every remaining object, the game will now inform you about what your current status is with collectibles within specific areas of every level. 

Last but not least, a new arena mode has also been added so that players can continue to take part in bouts against foes even after completing Psychonauts 2. Previously, upon beating the game, it was a bit hard to find a consistent number of enemies to fight in the pursuit of unlocking certain achievements or upgrades that may have been tied to combat. This area now offsets those problems to a great degree.

If you haven't played Psychonauts 2 for yourself yet, the game is currently available to pick up on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PC. Given that this is a first-party title from Xbox, those subscribed to Xbox Game Pass can also download the title for free as well. Lastly, if you'd like a more opinionated take on the game, you can check out our own review right here


How do you feel about this new update for Psychonauts 2? Is it going to prompt you to return to the game and clean up some of the lingering tasks that you may have set to the side? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.