Psyonix Has An Even Larger Audience For Rocket League

Psyonix recently released a new update for its hit game Rocket League to commemorate its second [...]


Psyonix recently released a new update for its hit game Rocket League to commemorate its second anniversary, and right on the heels of that dropping on consoles and PC, it's provided some new statistics on how well its hybrid racing/sports game is doing.

The company noted that the game has now seen 33 million players since its release across a number of platforms, even though that doesn't account for copies of the game that were sold. On top of that, over the past twelve months, the company noted that Rocket League is averaging about 1.6 million players on a daily basis – which is pretty damn good. There are 3.3 million players per week, and 6.1 million per month.

It also broke down other stats, including the note that 1.5 billion matches have been played in the game's lifetime, with over 6.9 billion goals scored in all.

When it comes to what console has the most popularity for Rocket League, that would be the PlayStation 4 with 41 percent. That makes sense, considering the game made its debut on PlayStation Plus' free game program two years ago. Xbox One was close behind with 32 percent, and PC followed in third place with 27 percent. (The Nintendo Switch version should add to these numbers when that version releases later this year.)

As for the most popular car, The Octane is easily the fan favorite, and the Halo was the most popular topper for the car. You can see more great statistics about the game here, on Psyonix's official web page.

On top of the anniversary update that dropped for the game, the publisher also noted that starting today and running through July 10th, players that jump into the game have a greater opportunity to snag an uncommon or greater customization item, as well as Creates, much easier than in the past. There are also better chances of snagging a painted version of an item by double as well. So jump into a match when you get a chance and see what you can pick up!

Rocket League is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and will arrive later this year for Nintendo Switch.