PUBG Mobile Is Getting a League of Legends Crossover

PUBG Mobile is no stranger to crossover events, and starting soon, the mobile game will play host to one of the most unexpected ones yet. Characters and more from League of Legends – and, more specifically, Netflix's upcoming Arcane show which is based on Riot Games' universe – will soon be coming to PUBG Mobile. The content will begin rolling out on November 16th following the start of Arcane itself, Riot Games and Tencent Games announced this week.

Specifics on what, exactly, will be added to PUBG Mobile haven't yet been provided, but judging from what we've seen of Arcane so far, it's not hard to guess what some parts of the crossover might consist of. It was announced that "characters, items and locations" from Arcane would be coming to PUBG Mobile over the course of an undefined number of updates.

The video above shows the two properties converging with people such as Jinx and Vi from League of Legends and Arcane shown in the trailer for the event. Given that the two champions have been marketed so far as the main protagonists for Arcane, it seems to be a pretty safe bet to imagine that they'll be at least two of the characters that'll get added to PUBG Mobile somehow during this crossover event. The two have their own unique weapons as well including rocket launchers and high-powered fists, so perhaps we'll see those added, too.

"We're extremely excited to be partnering with Riot Games to celebrate its first ever League of Legends animated series," said Vincent Wang, the head of PUBG Mobile publishing at Tencent Games. "Runeterra is one of the most beloved universes in gaming, and to be able to bring that magic to PUBG MOBILE while also supporting the release of Arcane is an amazing opportunity. We've got a lot in store for our players with the Version 1.7 update, including some completely new gameplay features we've never experimented with before, so we can't wait to show off more."

This PUBG Mobile crossover is just one of several smaller events Riot is pursuing around the release of Arcane. League itself will get some new skins inspired by the characters' looks in the show, and Riot has partnered up with Twitch to allow for the first episode to be co-streamed on the platform. Datamining efforts have also suggested that Fortnite could soon play host to League of Legends content, too.

Arcane is scheduled to debut on Netflix on November 6th.