Rainbow Six Siege's Newest Operator Is Clash

Rainbow Six Siege’s newest Operator is named Clash, a Defender who’s the first in the game to [...]

Rainbow Six Siege Clash
(Photo: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege's newest Operator is named Clash, a Defender who's the first in the game to wield a shield.

The English Operator served in various law enforcement forces with a focus on riot control before eventually working with London's Metropolitan Police Services, Ubisoft's reveal of Clash said. More titles and jobs led her to get noticed by Rainbow Six, so it would follow then that Clash brings her crowd-control skills to Rainbow Six Siege to let players use her special shield and other equipment to control the flow of battle.

"Twitch and Mira combined their engineering backgrounds, leading an R&D project to create the CCE Shield (Crowd Control Electro Shield)," Rainbow Six Siege's announcement about the new Operator read. "Clash is the perfect Operator to handle this new gadget and weapon because she understands mob behavior and she pioneered snatch squad tactics, not to mention her experience as a riot officer. She knows exactly when and where to deploy this shield to deny entry and slow down her opponents. Not only that, Clash has the backbone to stand her ground and a cooperative mindset to set herself up for assists. She shows no mercy and she has zero-tolerance for nonsense."

Ubisoft's teaser adds that the Operator is a frontline character, but players probably picked up on that already given that she's got some sort of riot shield to use against opponents.

As for a breakdown of the Operator's full kit, we don't yet know what all Clash is capable of. We know what she looks like, where she comes from, and where she belongs in Rainbow Six Siege, but Ubisoft hasn't revealed what the rest of her equipment nor what exactly her shield does beyond blocking incoming fire. More information is coming this weekend though with special stream being held on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel. There's nothing going on within the channel right now, but on Friday, Clash's full reveal will take place. Ubisoft said in the Clash preview that the full reveal will happen during the Six Major that's in Paris, an esports event that's airing over the weekend. At some point during the event that lasts from August 16-19, Clash will be discussed in greater detail, likely with a breakdown of her entire kit and how she fits into the rest of a team of defenders.