Report: ‘Watch Dogs 3’ Releasing This Year, Set in London

watch dogs 3
(Photo: Ubisoft)

According to a new report/rumor, Watch Dogs 3 is happening and is releasing this year. Further, it will take the series to London, England.

The report comes way of a 4Chan post, which means it has as much of a chance as being absolute bollocks as legitimate. However, Kotaku's Jason Schreier -- a reporter known for his scoops and leakage -- has seemingly and slyly confirmed that the game is at the very least set in the UK, which most likely means London.

Anyway, according to the report, not only is Watch Dog 3 releasing this year and set in London, but it will have an increase emphasis on hacking, and with more focus on smaller firearms and knives for combat rather than mimic the weapons of games like GTA and Saints Row.

Further, players will be able to choose their gender and have some level of customization over the protagonist, who is brand-new. Similar to other Ubisoft titles -- such as Far Cry 5 -- choosing male or female won't change the story at all beyond some dialogue differences here and there.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, or at least the finer details. As mentioned above, Schreier seems to more or less confirm the game is set in London, but he makes no mention of anything else. Though, he does point out Ubisoft has teased as much itself in the past.

Still, until you hear any of this from Ubisoft's mouth, I wouldn't bank on any of it too much. The setting seems like it may very well be a lock, but the other smaller details, even if they are correct, are subject to change over the course of development.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. What do you want to see from Ubisoft's third attempt at Watch Dogs? If you haven't played the series yet, what does Ubisoft have to do to get you on-board?