Resident Evil Teases Special Halloween Announcements

Capcom has had all kinds of Resident Evil announcements this year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise, and with Halloween coming up, those announcements apparently aren't stopping anytime soon. Over on Capcom's Japanese site, a page has been set up for a Halloween-themed celebration of the Resident Evil franchise. Multiple announcements are teased on that page now with the reveals spaced out from now until October 29th with some of the announcements already made now.

That page can be seen here for those who want to keep up with the announcements, and thankfully, you won't have to worry about when these reveals will be shared. The page has already announced a gift campaign people can enter by tweeting about the anniversary celebration, and another tile is reserved for the release of the VR version of Resident Evil 4 which is coming up soon.

Beyond that, there are three announcements scheduled for October 21st, two for October 22nd, one for October 25th, and the final one scheduled for October 29th. There's been no indication of what those reveals might consist of, however, since the only thing advertising those besides the date is a "Coming Soon" message and a pumpkin placeholder.

We already know from the first two reveals that games and merch are on the table for the reveals, but considering how this is Resident Evil we're talking about, there are plenty of other mediums and projects that could make appearances during this Halloween celebration. There's a live-action Resident Evil series coming to Netflix, so it's possible that we could see more of that upcoming show during this event. There's also a movie called Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City which was supposed to be out in September but was delayed to November 24th, so it's possible that we could see more of that, too.

Given how Capcom's been announcing things throughout the year, there's no reason to believe that this Halloween special will be the end of the reveals, so keep an eye out for more Resident Evil news after October to see what else the publisher might have planned.