Resident Evil Star Lance Reddick Responds to Netflix Cancelation

Resident Evil actor Lance Reddick has posted a video in response to Netflix's cancelation of the TV series. The Resident Evil series is one of the most influential franchises in gaming, so naturally, it only made sense for Hollywood to want to ride Capcom's gravy train to the box office and streamers. Film adaptations started releasing in the early 2000s to mixed reviews, but immense commercial success, particularly overseas. The films would eventually be rebooted with a more direct adaptation of the games in 2021, but it failed to make a splash. Netflix then decided to take a crack at the series with a show that existed within the world of the games, serving as a bit of a sequel to Resident Evil 5 with Albert Wesker in the lead role.

The show was panned by fans of the games and had mixed results with critics, but most people agreed that Lance Reddick was perfect in the role of Albert Wesker. Following the cancelation of Resident Evil on Netflix earlier this week, Reddick took to Twitter to acknowledge the situation. Reddick thanked the cast, crew, and studio executives involved with the show and also offered his appreciate to fans who understood the angle the team was taking with the series. Reddick also proudly noted that he believes they made a "hell of a show". 

The Netflix cancelation didn't come as much of a surprise to people as the streamer is pretty ruthless when it comes to axing shows. Although Resident Evil held a spot in the top 10 most watched content on the platform for a couple of weeks, it couldn't dethrone Stranger Things season 5 and quickly fell off the charts. Given the show was likely pretty expensive to make, Netflix couldn't justify the costs for a second season. However, Netflix is still committed to video game adaptations as it's currently developing a BioShock movie which will likely release in the next few years.

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