'Resident Evil' Nintendo Switch News Teased For This Month

(Photo: Capcom)

Last year, Capcom announced it was bringing Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 4 to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019.

Fast-forward to this month, and Capcom has now revealed that it will have more news to share regarding these ports at the end of the month. And given that's already February 23, that means we should be hearing more about the trio of Switch ports very soon.

The news comes way of Capcom's Resident Evil community manager who revealed "more details about the Switch ports" will come at the end of this month while interacting with a fan on Twitter.

We are only five days away from the end of the month, and we still haven't heard anything. And we presumably won't tomorrow either, because it's a Sunday. That leaves us with only Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. So, if you're a Resident Evil fan and have a Nintendo Switch, be sure to keep an eye out on your Twitter feed on these days.

Personally, I can't wait for another excuse to play Resident Evil 4 again, especially from the comfort of my bed in handheld mode.

Of course, if you haven't already, be sure to check out the recent Resident Evil 2 Remake Capcom released into the wild last month. It's really good, and will keep you satiated until these ports arrive. Here's a snippet explaining as much from our official review of the game:

"Resident Evil is a survival horror experience in its truest sense. From a constantly teased false sense of security, to horrifying instances that go far beyond a simple jump scare, this remake is one that every fan of the original needs to play. For those that aren't familiar with the Resident Evil franchise in its humble beginnings, it's still a treat, albeit imperfect, and one that requires no previous knowledge of the other games.


"From its challenging story from start to finish, to the incredible character development and increasing level of intrigue and desire to know more, Capcom mostly nailed bringing this beloved title into 2019, and it's an experience every horror fan needs to have for themselves."

Thanks, Nintendo Everything.