Resident Evil Village Fans Discover Shocking New Lady Dimitrescu Detail

Resident Evil Village fans have been blown away by a new detail that Capcom put in its latest [...]

Resident Evil Village fans have been blown away by a new detail that Capcom put in its latest survival-horror game. This detail ties specifically back to Lady Dimitrescu, who is one of the primary villains in the recently released title. And while this by no means something that will change how players might view the game as a whole, it shows just how smart the developers working on the project at Capcom are.

Spotted in a new TikTok video, one Resident Evil Village player realized that the steps located in Lady Dimitrescu's castle have been worn down in a pretty particular manner. When investigating this set of stairs near the dungeon area, it was noticed that about every third or fourth step was worn a bit more than the others. The reason for this? Well, it would seem to tie back to the size of Lady Dimitrescu. Since she is so much taller than other characters, she presumably climbs stairs by stepping on every third step or so, rather than going step-by-step as others might. As such, this detail is meant to show that the stairs have been worn in a very particular manner due to how she walks on them.


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Again, in the grand scheme of things, this is something that most Resident Evil Village fans will surely never notice. But for those with keen eyes, it just goes to show how specific environment artists really are when creating locations such as this. If you had any doubt before that Capcom is one of the best environmental design studios in the world, this nugget of info will likely change your mind.

If you still haven't played Resident Evil Village for yourself, the game is available to pick up right now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Conversely, if you're wondering whether this might be a title that you would be interested in, you can check out our own review right here.