Resident Evil Multiplayer Project Leaks Ahead of Event

Capcom’s unannounced Resident Evil multiplayer project has apparently leaked ahead of the reveal which is expected to take place during the Resident Evil showcase later on Thursday. The multiplayer experience is called “Resident Evil Re:Verse” according to a listing that seems to have gone up too early, and it appears that it’ll be included within Resident Evil Village. Details on what the multiplayer game will be like aren’t currently known, but it likely won’t be too long until that’s unveiled.

The first sighting of Resident Evil: Re:Verse was spotted in the Humble Store (via Wario64) where Resident Evil Village pre-orders went live ahead of the event. The description of the mainline Resident Evil game rehashed some of the details we already know about Village before saying that Re:Verse was included in the package. A site for Re:Verse was given to provide visitors with more information, but that site isn’t functional just yet.

From the way the listing looks, it certainly appears that Re:Verse will be the multiplayer project attached to Village similarly to how Resident Evil Resistance was added onto the Resident Evil 3 remake. That asymmetrical multiplayer project featured one player controlling a Mastermind who could manipulate the environment and temporarily control zombies while four other players controlled survivors with unique perks and skills.

How this game will differ from Resistance remains to be seen, but if it’s indeed the multiplayer project that Capcom is holding a beta test for, we already know some limited details about it. It can support between four to six players, according to the beta page for a Resident Evil beta opportunity that’s likely Re:Verse, and it’ll be playable on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that we know of. The first beta for that multiplayer project will take place on January 28th, but the site also said that we’re to learn more about the game during the Resident Evil Showcase event on Thursday.

Based on that beta info and the Humble Store listing, all we know of about Re:Verse in terms of availability are the two platforms mentioned and that it’ll be included in Village. Resistance was also included in Resident Evil 3, but it was only playable that way and not as a standalone purchase. Re:Verse may end up being a standalone game separately buyable from Village, but that remains to be seen until we learn more from the event.