Return to Dark Tower Returns for New Crowdfunding Campaign With New Expansion

Return to Dark Tower is back for another crowdfunding campaign. Restoration Games launched a new crowdfunding campaign this week to fund a second printing of the popular board game along with a new expansion, titled Return to Dark Tower: Covenant. This time, Restoration Games is funding the game via BackerKit's new crowdfunding system, which was announced earlier this year. To date, the crowdfunding campaign has raised over $800,000, which is over twice the amount of its original $400,000 goal.

Return to Dark Tower is a sequel to the cult 1980s hit Dark Tower, which is fondly remembered for the Tower-shaped mini-computer that sits in the center at the board. Return to Dark Tower features a similar Tower that interfaces with a digital app via Bluetooth and spits out skulls at random locations, which represents corruption that the players must manage while also completing quests and generally leveling up their hero. Eventually, the players will face off against the villain controlling the Tower, with a chance to defeat them once and for all.

The Covenant expansion adds four new heroes along with several new mechanics. Each hero can now build Monuments that provide new effects, while the Tower now spits out dangerous Doom Skulls that can never be removed. Wastelands can also spread across the board, removing certain areas from play and providing new challenges for players. 

Players can get the base game of Return to Dark Tower for $150 by backing the campaign, while they can get the Covenant expansion for a $55 pledge. An all in pledge containing previous expansions is also available for $299. You can check out the full crowdfunding campaign here – the campaign will remain open until August 16th.