Riot Announces Interactive Arcane Experience for New League of Legends Show

Riot Games is teaming up with Secret Cinema for a new, interactive experience revolving around Arcane, the League of Legends TV show that's coming to Netflix. This experience that's being brought to Los Angeles will allow people to "experience unparalleled in-person access to the Arcane universe with iconic League of Legends champions, never-before-seen storylines, and a world of surprises," according to a preview of the Arcane production. It's scheduled to take begin on November 21st, a date which comes after the premiere of Arcane.

A brief teaser for the immersive live experience was shared on social media in the form of the artwork shown below. It shows Jinx in the middle, her sister Vi on the right, and the new character known as Silco to the left.

Secret Cinema's Arcane experience will mark the first time that the company has dabbled in gaming since Arcane is based off of League of Legends, but the limited availability of the experience means that it won't be accessible to just anyone. That's because it's only going to be available in Los Angeles where Riot Games is headquartered with no other venues announced at this time.

Over on the Arcane page that's been set up on Secret Cinema's site, we learn a bit more about the interactive experience that's starting next month. The tickets go on sale beginning on October 14th and start at $70 for those in the area or those willing to travel for the Arcane experience.

"Amongst enforcers and assassins, scientists and survivors-turned-rebels, you'll enter the dark and dangerous world of Arcane in a one-of-a-kind immersive experience," a preview of Secret Cinema's Arcane experience said. "Cast as citizens of the Undercity, and equipped with bespoke backstories and missions, the line between actors and audience blurs. As you freely roam the life-sized streets, encountering characters and getting swept up in the action, your choices and actions directly impact how the story plays out."

While Arcane will be centered around Jinx, we know already that several other League of Legends champions like Vi, Jayce, Viktor will be present in the show alongside new characters. The show is scheduled to release on Netflix on November 6th, but not all of the episodes will be dropping at once. It'll instead be broken up into three different acts which should take viewers right up to the launch of the interactive experience.