Riot Games Announces All-In-One Client for League of Legends, Valorant, and More

Riot Games is set to introduce a new client option for people who play multiple games the company's put out. This new all-in-one solution is simply called the "Riot Client" and will house the different games that Riot offers like League of Legends, Valorant, and Legends of Runeterra. Using this client will allow people to easily swap from one game to another by using the shared login without having to pull up multiple clients, but it won't be a mandatory change for those who only play one of Riot's games.

This new client is a release that people have been asking about for a while now ever since Riot started putting out more games other than League of Legends. Regardless of which games you play now, Riot said you've already been using a version of this Riot Client – the new one will just streamline things.

"The Riot Client is a central hub from which you can quickly download/install/play/peruse Riot's PC library," Riot said in an FAQ about the matter. "In fact, you've already been using the Riot Client each time you log in to one of our games! The only difference now is you'll be able to enter your login credentials just one time to get the client started, then you can hop between games without additional logins."

Once you download and sign into this new client, you'll see all of the games get their own landing pages within the interface. This means you'll see news and other information about the games through those landing pages, too, so you'll be able to easily stay abreast of any developments on the games you're playing.

For those who don't want a new client like this and just want to keep booting up League of Legends' own client to play like normal, you'll have the option to do so.

"All your current shortcuts will still bring you straight into the game just like they did before, so you don't have to change a thing," the FAQ said about preexisting clients. "You'll also have the option to use the new Riot Client shortcut as well."

The rollout of this new client will begin on September 20th at which point Riot will assess the stability of it all. Assuming everything goes well, the worldwide release will take place on October 4th. That date is subject to change though, so it could be that we see the release happen later depending on how the initial rollout goes.