Rocket League Reveals Ranked Distribution for Season 1

With Rocket League's Season 2 now well underway since last month, players have long known exactly where they ranked in Season 1 assuming they played in ranked playlists often enough to get a decent idea of where they belong. However, even if you know where you placed during the season, there's always the question to be answered of how your rank fit in with all other players' standings once a season has concluded. Psyonix helped answer that question this week by sharing the ranked distribution for Season 1 to show what percentages of players fit within different ranks throughout the last season.

That ranked distribution was shared in a post on Reddit within a chart that's been screenshotted and embedded below. By looking through the different ranks and the playlists that were available in the ranked modes, players can see what percentage of players were in their rank as well as any others.

Rocket League Season 1 Ranked
(Photo: Psyonix)

As expected from how ranked distributions typically go, the largest percentages of players find themselves around the Gold rank and within each of its divisions. That's true for the Doubles and Standard modes with the latter carrying those higher percentages further up the ranks than the former until it gets to Diamond 2 when the trends are reversed. If you found yourself playing more of the nontraditional playlists like Rumble, Hoops, and Snow Day, you can see those ranked spreads in the chart above as well.

To see how these latest numbers compared to others from past seasons, Psyonix also shared links to similar charts from Season 14, Season 13, and Season 12. Rocket League players will recall that the ranked seasons experienced a reset of sorts after Psyonix was acquired by Epic Games which was followed by the announcement that Rocket League would become a free-to-play game.


For those who've been taking a pause on Rocket League over the holidays, you'll be in the middle of Season 2 once you decide to hop back in assuming you do so before the current season ends. The patch notes revealed for the Season 2 update last month detail everything that changed with more updates and features planned for a release throughout the season. Once Season 2 ends, you can look forward to another ranked spread like the one above to see how the rank distributions shifted during the season.