Rocksteady's "Next Masterpiece" Teased By Mortal Kombat Director

It's been nearly four years since Rocksteady Studios released Batman: Arkham Knight, and about 30 months since it released its most recent game: Batman: Arkham VR. And yet, at the moment of publishing, Rocksteady has been radio silent on what it's doing. That said, recently while interacting with a developer from the London studio, Mortal Kombat series director Ed Boon referred to the studio's upcoming project as its "next masterpiece."

More specifically, earlier this week Rocksteady director and co-founder, Sefton Hill, took to Twitter to congratulate NetherRealm Studios and Ed Boon on the successful launch of Mortal Kombat 11.

"Massive congratulations to the entire NetherRealm team and my good friend Ed Boon for tearing it up with Mortal Kombat 11," wrote Hill.

"We appreciate that Sefton, and can't wait for you guys to reveal Rocksteady Games' next masterpiece," responded Boon.

Now, as you'd expect, Boon throwing around "masterpiece" talking about Rocksteady's next game has gamers excited. It's possible Boon doesn't know anything about the project, and is simply suggesting that everything the studio releases is masterpiece material. Or, given that Boon is good friends with Hill, maybe the Mortal Kombat director knows a little somethin' somethin' about what Rocksteady has cooking up.

As you may know, earlier this week a leak surfaced claiming that Rocksteady's next game is a DC project called Outlaws, which is supposedly poised to be revealed this Friday. At this point, it's hard to discern if there's anything to this leak, but thankfully we won't have too wait long because tomorrow is Friday.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and sound off there. What do you think Rocksteady is working on? What would you like to see them take a crack at?



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