Shovel Knight’s Tale Comes To A Close With King Of Cards In 2018

We’ve seen some amazing stuff with the Shovel Knight saga over the past few years, including the [...]

We've seen some amazing stuff with the Shovel Knight saga over the past few years, including the indie hit that started it all; the fun Plague Knight spin-off, and the awesome Specter of Torment add-on that introduced a whole new play style.

But all good things must come to an end, and today, during the Nintendo "Nindies" video presentation, Yacht Club Games revealed the final chapter in the Treasure Trove saga – the King of Cards!

The add-on is set to release sometime in 2018 for consoles across the board, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, 3DS, PC and Amazon Fire TV. It'll be priced $9.99 by itself, but those of you who bought Treasure Trove will be able to get it for free.

Here's the full rundown of what you can expect from the new add-on, which will be available for play this weekend at PAX West, at Yacht Club Games' booth:

Shovel Knight: King of Cards is the final campaign in the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove saga, and it's bigger and grander than ever! Step into the regal shoes of King Knight, the Gilded Goon himself, as you shoulder bash and spin jump through all those who would oppose your reign! Travel through 4 new worlds and more than 30 all new courses, all on a journey to best the "Three Kings" who lord over the land. Discover what it takes to become a true monarch, meet a friend or two, and amass a King's ransom in items and loot! Refined platforming, exquisite visuals, story with heart, action-packed courses, glorious new bosses and more await in Shovel Knight: King of Cards!

  • Tackle enemies and obstacles head on with your signature bash attack and finish them off with a dazzling spinning strike! King Knight's play style is all about bashing, bouncing, and bounding!
  • Collect tons of new weapons, armors, abilities, and followers to look your dandiest as you pummel foes with radiant skill.
  • Had your fill of glamorous adventure? Unwind and sharpen your strategic mind by competing in card battles with future subjects from across the land.
  • Test your skills with Feats and Challenge Stages featuring Boss rematches, platforming challenges, and more.
  • Yacht Club Game's beautifully authentic style bridges the gap between yesterday and today. Design, art, and audio hearken back to the days of 8-bit.
  • Awesome soundtrack by Jake "Virt" Kaufman!
  • Balanced gameplay is a warm welcome to newcomers, and an old embrace for experts!
  • Lovable characters and bosses!
  • Take on a new challenge and uncover all of the world's secrets with New Game+!

We're looking forward to both King of Cards and Battle Mode next year. All hail the King!