Silent Hill Update Comes With Unexpected News

A new Silent Hill trademark has surfaced online, providing fans of the horror series with an update complete with some unexpected news. Silent Hill revival rumors have been circulating for the past few years. There's been scuttlebutt about a proper reboot of the series, as well as Hideo Kojima reviving his canceled Silent Hills game. So far, nothing has come from these rumors, which have started to die out. That said, right as this happens, a new trademark has ignited speculation.

Konami recently updated its SIlent Hill trademark. This alone isn't very noteworthy because trademark renewals mean next to nothing. While this could be indicative that the series is being revived, it doesn't necessarily mean this. To renew the trademark, Konami simply has to prove it's using it in some capacity. This is pretty easy, which is how companies hold onto dormant trademarks. 

What's interesting though is that the trademark has been updated to now specifically include mention of VR headsets. This could be future-proofing, but it could also be indicative that if Konami does have plans for the franchise it will include VR, which makes sense. 

For now, take all of this speculation derived from the trademark for what it is, which is complete speculation. While reasonable, speculation is speculation, and trademark speculation often leads nowhere but disappointment. 

Konami Digital Entertainment trademarks 03/15 includes Silent Hill from LeaksAndRumors

At the moment of publishing, Konami has not commented on this trademark renewal nor the speculation it has created. We don't anticipate this changing for a variety of reasons, but if it does, we will update the story accordingly. 

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