Report: Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills Game "P.T." Being Revived by PlayStation and Konami

According to a new report, Konami and PlayStation are currently working together to revive Hideo [...]

According to a new report, Konami and PlayStation are currently working together to revive Hideo Kojima's cancelled Silent Hills game. In addition to a Silent Hill reboot at SIE Japan Studio, PlayStation is reportedly trying to mend the relationship between Kojima and Konami following their fallout in 2015 in order to resurrect the project due to the massive amount of buzz and demand the game still carries to this day. That said, the report notes that, unlike the Silent Hill reboot, the resurrection of Silent Hills -- aka P.T. -- isn't a done deal yet. However, presumably it's not a matter of if, but when, given that PlayStation and Konami are reportedly already working on the aforementioned Silent Hill reboot together.

The report goes on to say that its sources mention that the game will make use of the next-gen PlayStation VR headset for PS5, which makes sense. If there's one genre that belongs on VR, it's horror. However, it sounds like while there will be VR support, the game will be playable without VR, similarly to Resident Evil 7.

The report also mentions that Sony was the one to pitch the idea and game to Kojima. More specifically, Sony pitched the title as a choose-your-own-adventure game in the vain of Until Dawn. And to sweeten the deal, Sony is apparently offering Kojima "full creative freedom" like he had on Death Stranding.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, like any report. That says the information comes way of Rely on Horror and industry insider Aesthetic Gamer, two sources widely considered quite reliable. Further, for what it's worth, I've also heard bits and pieces of all of this, suggesting there's plenty of truth to these claims. It's also worth pointing out that Kojima has already hinted that he's working on a horror game, several times. Included in these teases have also been a few that point to Silent Hills.

That all said, if this report is true, it will be interesting to see if Konami sells the rights to Sony, who typically wants to own the IP of the games it makes. In fact, the only exception to this rule recently has been Marvel's Spider-Man.

At the moment of publishing, there's no Silent Hill or Silent Hills game confirmed for PS5, however, the list of confirmed PS5 games is growing. You can check out all of these confirmed games HERE.