Sonic Frontiers DLC Release Date and Trailer Revealed

Sonic Frontiers: The Final Horizon will release September 28th.

At Gamescom Opening Night Live, Sega showed off a short clip from the DLC for Sonic Frontiers. Titled The Final Horizon, the DLC will offer a new story, new playable characters, and new challenges. In the clip, it appears that Sonic and friends might be working alongside Doctor Eggman and Sage. While the base game only had Sonic playable, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy will all be playable when the DLC arrives. The Final Horizon is set to release on September 28th, and like the previous DLC releases, it will be free to all players.

The trailer for The Final Horizon can be found below.

Alongside Eggman, Sage served as the primary antagonist in Sonic Frontiers. WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD! As the events of the game continue, however, Sage begins to gain a better understanding of Sonic. By the end of the story, Sage finds herself working alongside Sonic to save the day, but seemingly dies in the process. After Sonic and friends left the Starfall Islands, it was revealed that Eggman was working to bring back his "daughter." Clearly, Sage is doing a lot better when The Final Horizon opens, though it seems she and Sonic will be working to defeat a much bigger threat than the one that appeared at the end of Sonic Frontiers.

Additional information about The Final Horizon is fairly limited! We don't know how Tails, Knuckles, or Amy will control in the game, or how they might differ from Sonic. Earlier this year, Sonic Frontiers writer Ian Flynn teased that the game's DLC will be "truly important," so fans can likely expect to see some big things from the narrative in The Final Horizon. The previous DLC releases offered some nice extras, including a jukebox, a photo mode, and new Koco to find. However, none of these features are quite as exciting as a new story, or new playable characters! Hopefully The Final Horizon will end things for Sonic Frontiers on a high note!

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