Sony Reveals New Translucent PS4 Pro

Sony is taking a break from all of the next generation talk for a little bit to focus a bit more [...]

Sony is taking a break from all of the next generation talk for a little bit to focus a bit more on their current line-up of impressive consoles. Whether you're a fan of the original PlayStation 4 or fancy the Pro yourself, they've got a pretty sweet line to choose from. For those that might be looking for a slight nod back to the good 'ol days where translucent cases were all the rage, Sony definitely has that base covered.

trans ps4
(Photo: Sony)

The blue translucent PlayStation 4 Pro puts a slightly more modern spin on the usual style, with a deep blue instead of the standard neon that the translucent fashion demanded back in the 90s. The console itself and the controller are both housed within this style, with a serial number provided on a sleek bronze plate. It also comes with 2TB of memory, a DualShock 4 controller, and a PlayStation camera.

Need an extra controller? You're set there too, the contollers in this style will also be sold separately for a limited time. For those interested, you're going to want to act quickly. There will only be 50,000 world wide. That may sound like a big number, but Sony is on fire with their PS4 sales and this beauty is going to be highly coveted.

(Photo: Sony)

The translucent PlayStation 4 Pro limited edition bundle officially goes on sale August 24th!

Seriously though ... let's just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous it is! It's not a loud, obnoxious skin - it's subtle and really an awesome blend of new and old. It's a perfect way for the team behind the PlayStation platform to celebrate selling over 500 million consoles to their name. What better way to celebrate such a huge milestone than with that lovely 90s throwback?

What do think about the latest PlayStation 4 Pro to join the custom line-up? Is this bad boy enough to make you jump for the latest in console tech, or not quite sold on the colour? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us what you think about the blue translucent PlayStation 4 Pro before it goes on sale at the end of the month!

H/T Kotaku