Iowa Wrestler Comes Out to Pokemon Theme Song, Wins National Championship

An Iowa wrestler won the NCAA Championship for the 125 pound weight class after coming out to the Pokemon theme song.

Spencer Lee of the University of Iowa beat Rutgers University's Nick Suriano 5-1 to claim the NCAA Division I championship for the 125 pound weight class. Lee made history as the first true freshman from Iowa to win a NCAA wrestling championship in 25 years, but it was his choice of entrance music that immediately got even non-wrestling fans intrigued by the 19 year old.

You can check out Lee's full entrance in the video below:

Lee's opponent came out to an Eminem song, leading some to comment that the match was over before it even started.

Lee's choice of music led to an....interesting reaction in the stadium, as the crowd couldn't decide whether to cheer or chuckle to his unique choice in music. However, Lee definitely made an impact as he capped off a perfect NCAA tournament by beating All-Americans and former champions in his quest to become the very best.


It turns out that Lee isn't some sort of casual Pokemon fan, he even follows the competitive Pokemon video game scene and has even dabbled in competitive play. Of course, Lee noted in a December 2017 tweet that he didn't have the ability to compete in many major regional tournaments because he's a full time student/athlete.

Congratulations to Lee on his victory and here's to hoping that he continues to be the very best, the best there ever was.