'Spider-Man' PS4 Dialogue Goes a Long Way, and Here Are Examples

Spiderman PS4

Insomniac Games truly went the extra mile when it comes to the development of its Spider-Man game. Even the little things that you might miss make a world of difference, especially after you notice them. Case in point -- voice acting.

Spider-Man's voiceovers are a tour-de-force, especially Yuri Lowenthal, who portrays Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He really went all out with his character, to the point that he recorded all his dialogue twice. Why? To add to the general atmosphere of the character, of course. We've talked about this before, but this actually goes a bit deeper.

This is noticeable in the tweet below, posted by Kirk Hamilton. In it, we see the minor differences in audio recording, as the dialogue is the same, but the way it's delivered is unique depending on the situation. For instance, if Spidey is standing perfectly still, he's calm and delivers his lines without a huff. However, if someone manages to call him while he's in the middle of swinging, he actually sounds out of breath as he talks to them. Check out the example that Kirk included below.

It's rather impressive, which means Insomniac wasn't content on just letting the voiceover be a certain way. It definitely goes above and beyond what we've heard in previous Spider-Man games.

Kirk also posted the following thoughts on Spidey's dialogue with Yuri, a detective in the game -- and also Lowenthal's name.

Here's another example of how deep the dialogue goes in the game, also provided by Hamilton.

As a result, the audio designer for Insomniac Games, Alex Previty, got into the conversation, talking about the hard work that went into the game's sound, as you can see below.


Based on what you can see in our review, Insomniac Games did incredible work with Spider-Man. You should definitely play it now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.