Square Enix Announces E3 2021 Showcase

Publisher Square Enix has now confirmed that it will also be involved with E3 2021 when the annualized gaming event kicks off in just a few short days. While many notable games coming from the company have already been confirmed to appear during this showcase, it has also teased that some other mysterious projects will be showing up as well.

Square Enix's event itself is confirmed to take place on Sunday, June 13, and will kick off at 12:15pm PST. At this point in time, Square has made clear that it will show off more of titles like Babylon's Fall, Life is Strange: True Colors, and the next Wakanda-focused expansion for Marvel's Avengers.

By far the most interesting tease for this event, however, involves studios Eidos Montreal. Square Enix has said that it will be unveiling an all-new game from the developer that brought us the recent entries in the Deus Ex series. And while we don't know specifically what this title will be just yet, previous reports have stated that it's related to Guardians of the Galaxy, which is the popular Marvel Comics franchise.

In the midst of all of these reveals, we have also heard more reports that Square is planning to soon unveil an all-new Final Fantasy game that is said to be called Final Fantasy Origin. The project is rumored to be action-based in nature and will have some Soulslike elements to it. Considering how much we have heard about this game over the past few weeks, there's a very good chance that it makes an appearance at this time.


All in all, it seems like Square Enix is going to have quite a bit to talk about over the course of this presentation later this month. If you can't tune in to watch it for yourself, we'll be sure to share with you everything that is announced here on ComicBook.com when it transpires.