Squid Game VR Experience Gets Release Date

You can now take part in Squid Game via a VR experience.

A new VR game based on Netflix's incredibly successful show, Squid Game, has been announced. Squid Game is one of the biggest TV shows of all-time, which is pretty impressive given it has only had one season. The Korean show managed to dominate Netflix and discussion on social media upon its premiere in 2021. It is a prime example of the power of word of mouth and shows that a mainstream audience can absolutely be attracted to foreign content, especially if it's platformed correctly. The success of the show has resulted in Netflix looking to capitalize on it as much as possible beyond additional seasons to the core show. A reality show is on the way and there are rumors of a possible English remake of the series.

Now, Squid Game is making its leap into gaming. Earlier this year, Sandbox VR announced a new Squid Game VR experience that will allow you to participate in some of the iconic games from the show such as Red Light, Green Light with other players. It looks like the closest you'll probably get to ever experiencing Squid Game and you won't actually have to risk your life to do so. This new VR experience will only be playable at one of the 40 Sandbox VR locations around the world as it will utilize things like full-body VR with haptic feedback vests and other premium features not found in your typical VR set up. You'll be able to play the experience starting on September 29th.

"At Netflix, we have always been committed to pushing the boundaries of entertainment and we are excited to partner with Sandbox VR for the launch of our Squid Game virtual reality experience," said Greg Lombardo, VP, Live Experiences, Netflix. "By tapping into the power of virtual reality, fans can further immerse themselves in the world of this series with captivating and thrilling games they have come to know and love."

"During early development we knew the key to this project was to bring the unforgettable thrills and drama of Squid Game to VR in a way that's approachable and fun for fans," said Michael Hampden, SVP Content and Creative Director at Sandbox VR. "Working closely with Netflix, we designed new mini-games and adapted ideas from the series. The result is an incredibly engaging and social experience, unlike anything Sandbox VR has created before. We can't wait for the reactions when our guests take their first steps across the glass bridge, or hear the music stop in Red Light, Green Light."

Squid Game Season 2 Release Date


Squid Game season 2 currently has no release date, unfortunately. Netflix typically waits to announce release dates for upcoming projects until they're pretty close to being done and as of right now, Squid Game season 2 is still a ways off. As of right now, the second season is currently filming, so we could see a release in the second half of 2024 at the very earliest. That's a pretty long wait, but at least it ensures fans won't be fatigued by the series.