Star Trek Adventures Announces First Campaign Setting, More Upcoming Releases

Star Trek Adventures is planning a significant expansion in the coming months. Modiphius [...]

Star Trek Adventures is planning a significant expansion in the coming months. Modiphius Entertainment previously released sourcebooks for each Starfleet division and each quadrant in the galaxy. The company even published a second core rulebook set in the point-of-view of the Klingon Empire. It isn't stopping there. Modiphius has announced seven new Star Trek Adventures products. They include a unique collector's edition boxed set, new guides for players and gamemasters, division dice, and the game's first campaign setting. These releases will provide gamemasters and players with new tools for running their tabletop adventures set in the limitless Star Trek universe.

Star Trek Adventures' first campaign setting gets detailed in the Shakleton Expanse Campaign Guide. Releasing this fall, the 312-page campaign guide a little-explored region of the Beta Quadrant introduced for the Star Trek Adventures game. The book includes all the information gamemasters need to create new adventures and campaigns in Shackleton Expanse. It also includes a 10-part campaign beginning in The Original Series era and continuing into The Next Generation era, though Modiphius says it can be played during any era of the gamemasters' choosing.

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The Star Trek Adventures Player's Guide and Gamemaster's Guide are digest-sized supplements to the Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook. Releasing around the holidays, each digs deeper into the respective roles of a player and a gamemaster in a Star Trek Adventures campaign. Per a press release, both guides include a primer on the essential elements of Star Trek, an overview of key Star Trek setting details and technology, definitions of six key Star Trek eras, and additional information to help orient players in the Star Trek universe. The Player's Guide also includes guidance on being an engaged, active, and supportive player, insights on building characters collaboratively, additional details on existing character roles, quick-build options, and new character options. The Gamemaster's Guide includes tips for planning a campaign, finding players, conducting a Session 0, and being an engaged and supportive gamemaster. It also has a detailed discussion on Star Trek story structure, advice on developing scales of stories, insights on effectively using the game mechanics, optional rules, and other gamemaster tools.

Modiphius refers to the Star Trek Adventures Tricorder Collector's Set as the world's first wearable roleplaying game, designed for gamers on the move and cosplayers. The set includes a 300-page digest-sized core rulebook, campaign booklet, rules summary sheets, dice, tokens, and character cards for the crews of the NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise and the U.S.S. Lexington. The set takes its design from the tricorder from Star Trek: The Original Series. To match, Modiphius edited the included core rulebook to reflect playing during the Kirk era, giving players all the tools and rules needed to play in the 2260s. The set also contains an exclusive campaign, The Keyhole of Eternity. This product will become available in the fall.

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Finally, there are new Starfleet Division dice sets, which are available now. Each set includes 2d20 in department colors (red, gold, or blue) and four black six-sided Challenge Dice.

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