Stormlight Archive Miniatures Coming Soon

A series of miniatures based on Brandon Sanderson's hit book series The Stormlight Archive is coming soon. Brotherwise Games has announced plans to produce a series of miniatures featuring characters from The Stormlight Archive, a series of popular fantasy books by Brandon Sanderson. Over 20 miniatures will be produced, with some characters from the series being "officially" depicted for the first time. The Kickstarter will launch in September. You can check out a preview of the Kaladin and Shallan miniatures below: 

(Photo: Brotherwise Games)

Interestingly, the new miniatures aren't being produced with a game in mind. Brotherwise co-founder Johnny O'Neil noted on Twitter that the miniatures project was "a visual development project first, miniatures project second." The character designs used in the miniatures campaign will be used as reference for future game projects, book illustrations, and even potential Hollywood projects. Given Sanderson's love of tabletop games, it seems like it's only a matter of time before a Stormlight Archive game or tabletop RPG is announced.   

This is the second Brotherwise Games project that features The Stormlight Archive. Several years ago, Brotherwise released a Stormlight Archive version of its popular fantasy adventure Call to Adventure, which featured dozens of new artwork pieces depicting many characters and scenes from the book series for the very first time. 

The Stormlight Archive is set on the planet of Roshar, which is beset by violent storms that have shaped the cultures and ecosystem of the planet. The chief conflict of the series involves the revival of the Knights Radiant, an order of magically powered warriors who mysteriously abandoned the planet sometime in the ancient past. In addition to having an epic scale storyline involving apocalyptic stakes, the series is also central to Sanderson's Cosmere saga, a shared universe of books with a metaplot that can be followed from series to series. Many characters from Sanderson's other books have appeared in The Stormlight Archive.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Stormlight Archive Miniatures project will launch in September.