Fan Claims Super Nintendo World Website Is Using Their Art

Super Nintendo World is set to open in Universal Studios Japan next month, and the attraction's official website is now open, taking fans on a virtual tour of the park. However, the website's content has been a bit of a surprise for one visitor. Twitter user uJidow creates 3D renders of Mario, and claims that one of their creations was used on the site, as opposed to an image from Nintendo. It's impossible to say for certain, as uJidow's unofficial render (created with Blender) is a tiny bit different from an official piece of Nintendo art.

The official piece of art can be seen over at Nintendo Life, while the image on the Super Nintendo World website juxtaposed with the fan render can be seen in the Tweet embedded below.

In the digital age, it's not terribly uncommon for these types of mistakes to happen; oftentimes, companies will mistake unofficial art for the real thing. If that truly is the case here, it doesn't help that uJidow's render looks very close to an official image from Nintendo. uJidow did reach out, but has not heard back about the situation, as of this writing. However, in a follow-up Tweet, the poster says that the image on the Super Nintendo World website has now been updated to the official piece. The version that can be seen on the site's loading screen is now a little bit brighter, and features less shading. Readers can see for themselves by clicking on the link in the Tweet embedded above.

Super Nintendo World is a very big deal for Nintendo. The attraction was supposed to open last year, but was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Super Nintendo World is now set to open on February 4th. While Mario is the main focus of Super Nintendo World, the Pikmin characters also make a small cameo, and there are rumors about Donkey Kong Country content that could arrive sometime in the near future. A version of Super Nintendo World is set to open in Universal Studios Orlando, but for now, fans will have to eye Universal Studios Japan with a bit of jealousy!


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